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FASFA United was created to arrange and facilitate the necessary support and resources to families of individuals battling addiction. We are here to help cope with and heal as well as provide tools to empower family members to understand their role as well as define healthy boundaries.

When my husband Danny went to rehab, I begged for help, and for help from outside sources. I begged for anyone who would be willing to help not only Danny the addict, but for me, the wife. I obviously at some point enabled and was codependent on Danny. They had practically no help for us in the way I needed. I feel that treating the whole family, you need to treat the family, since it becomes a family disease, so we can be the best support for our loved ones. If we are planning on staying in the same home together, it’s more important for the addict to have their living environment healthy, and, well, they didn’t have what I was looking for. Because of this, we will be meeting with each client, and providing the necessary resources, to help them to the best of our ability, be a positive influence and give our support to them and their loved ones. These resources might be as simple as child care or a babysitter, or more depth in care with life coaches, sober coaches, mentors, counseling, food, help with emergency utility, as well as daily life essentials.




Our network of support systems, not for profits, and groups offer multiple community outreach programs each year. Visit our social media for up-to-date info.



FASFA United offers several discussion forums and workshops each year. Visit our social media outlets for the latest information on dates and times.


Grief counseling and peer support for families of addicts.

Support for youth around issues of parental addiction

Crisis intervention and advocacy services for family members who are victims of crime

Grief counseling and peer support groups are vital to the healing process following a traumatic experience. FASFA offers resources for family members affected by addiction.

Providing support for children is one of our most important tasks here at FASFA United. We offer multiple programs and services for children affected by addiction.

All too often within the family unit, there are crimes committed by someone battling addiction. FASFA offers crisis intervention services for instances of abuse and neglect.

24 hour crisis line​​

Home organization and cleaning

Safety planning

FASFA United offers a 24-hour crisis line. Reach out to us 7 days a week for support and resources.

Our home organization and cleaning program helps families struggling with addiction gain a fresh start and takes added home stress away from the family. 

Having a strategic safety plan is needed in certain circumstances. FASFA United is standing by to provide assistance.

Treatment center placement assistance

Navigation of legal and medical systems

Information, education and referral

Our vast network of treatment facilities of all types is available. Reach out to FASFA today. Help is standing by.

The legal and medical system surrounding addiction can be very confusing. FASFA United offers education and services to help navigate these systems.

FASFA United offers educational resources for most topics surrounding addiction. Should you need help, counseling, or information please reach out to us.

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